Antonio Samuels - UI/UX Designer

Hello, I’m Antonio. Senior Level UX/UI Designer working with startups and small business to build web, brand and visuals.

Senior UX/UI @Unum Group


Father of two, Husband, UX/UI Designer in South Carolina. I am a visual problem solver with creative and effective abilities. A Interaction Design member with a Passion about everything design. Working in Sketch but can provide HTML/CSS code to a design as well. Cool, mellow star-child looking to provide innovation of something not known.

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Wireframing, Information, Architect, Flow Charts, Prototyping, Consultation


Responsive, Mobile Apps, Prototyping, Web Design, Design Consistency


Identity, Branding, Graphic Development, Design, Research, Corporate


Marketing, Brand Naming, Design, User Experience, Advertising

Featured projects

ActivFit App Design

Mobile fitness app that allows members to check in to local or sponsored by facilties and log their hours for discounted rates for working out.

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activefit app design
activefit app design

Maneuvers Web & Brand Design

Concept creation for an Engineering and Architectural firm. Provided a clean & simple symbol to accompany the firms' title. Unique turquoise hue to represent trust and professionalism. Brand ID design with vector drafting artwork to guide the look of the company.

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activefit app design
activefit app design

Fight Colorectal Cancer

Web redesign and brand identity for Fight Colorectal Cancer. Design entired campaign for One Million Strong, held in New York, Times Square.

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activefit app design
activefit app design

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